LOGOKreislaufgerät TR 300c (new) mCCR

To BOOT Düsseldorf 2013, it will be to see a study on the new TR300c.

In the next few weeks to go I’ll set this news.

This time, a picture of TR300c underwater.

After an hour’s dive, normal condensate in the unit (the lake was cold).

The new arrangement of the sensors works great, sensor chamber was completely dry again, which protects the electrical system (dry plugs)

TR300c (left) at the “Waidsee”, after an successful test dive. WOB is good, Bypass works soft, O2 sensors reacts very synchrony.

On the right side is the mCCR Dolphin from Gerd.

The first picture from the new TR300c mCCR design. Missing are the hose connectors for the breathing loop and the head of the scrubber and housing (Hoseconnectors you see left behind also the bypass housing, left is the housing head, everthing is milled out of 20mm PVC plates)
 The first parts of the head are now clued together also the Breathinghose connectors are in place

Next bypass, scrubber- and housing lid will be assembled

This is the new head looks like.
TR300c head now ready clued.
TR300c head assembled with scrubber bin
TR300c complete
TR300c ready for dive
TR300c ready for dive, top
TR300c ready for dive, left
TR300c ready for dive, right
TR300c ready for dive, back